ACC students pose in various locations around the Highl和 Campus on Friday, 3月24日, 2023 during a staged photo shoot organized by the Office of College Relations 和 Marketing.


Current or former credit student?

If you are returning to a credit certificate or degree program, you don’t need to reapply. 相反,与你的朋友见面 顾问 在注册课程之前. 然后,通过 MyACC.
忘记你的accid了? 联系 学生服务台 如果你有问题.


欢迎! Here’s everything you need to know to start your new student application.


如果你正在参加ACC 第一次, 按照以下步骤申请:

1. 检查你的浏览器

For the best system performance, use the latest version of 谷歌Chromedisable third-party cookie blocking in the settings. Third-party cookie blocking can prevent you from saving your application information 和 resuming previously saved applications.

2. 设置您的应用程序帐户.

已经有账户了? 登录.

3. 检查你的邮件

We’ll email your username 和 password to access the application account.

4. 登录 to your account to begin your application.


如果你没有美国护照.S.-签发的社会安全号码; 联系招生处 & Zoom注册办公室 了解更多信息.

5. Complete the application that best describes you.


  • 传统的度: Earn college credit for a certificate, associate degree, or transfer to a 4-year institution. Students have to submit their official scores, if they have not taken 和/or passed a college level Math 和 English. Students will need to provide current 坐/行为/ TSI scores or take the TSI to get their application processed.
  • 双重信用: Earn college credits while in high school. 
  • 国际学生: Non-US citizens or permanent residents with a current visa, 寻求获得F-1签证, or have an application pending with USCIS seeking a college degree or certificate.
  • 继续教育: Noncredit courses to get a new job, build on current skills, or exp和 knowledge in a subject area.
  • 成人教育: Classes for a high school equivalency certificate (GED), 工作技能, 基本的英语, 或者准备上大学.

Not sure which application is for you? 联系 大学招聘办公室 电话:512-223-4636(选项1)或 (电子邮件保护).


Traditional, Dual Credit, 和 国际学生

Submit your application 和 you’ll see a checklist of documents needed to complete your application. An enrollment 顾问 will contact you to help with the process. You can also preview your steps:


Submit your application using your new account, 和 you’ll receive a student ACCeID 和 ACCmail to use any time you 注册CE课程


Submit your application using your new account 和 upload the required documents for your program. Once your documents are uploaded, you will sign up for an orientation session. 参观 成人教育 website 了解更多信息 about the next steps for your program.


View all important dates 和 deadlines.


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    Meet a few of the incredible ACC graduates from the Class of 2023 at Fall Commencement! 祝贺毕业生! Learn more about ACC’s Fall 2023 commencement ceremony.
  • ACC Credit Transfer to Four-Year Universities

    社区 college students who plan to transfer to a four-year university can find a straightforward path at Austin 社区 College. Our transfer specialists help students along the ACC credit transfer process so they can meet their goals. 继续阅读
  • 为什么要上社区大学?

    为什么要上社区大学? 社区 colleges offer the same high-value, 令人兴奋的, 和 challenging programs as a four-year college at affordable tuition rates. They feature smaller class sizes, 社区资源, 和 academic advising to make sure students are successful. 继续阅读


Austin 社区 College produces an Annual Security Report as required by the Clery Act. This report includes statistics from the previous three years concerning reported crime that occurred on campus; public property adjacent to 和 accessible from campus; 和 in certain non-campus buildings/property owned or controlled by ACC. The report includes institutional policies concerning campus security 和 other safety information. For direct access to the current Annual Security Report, visit

You may obtain a hard copy by contacting the Clery Compliance Officer ((电子邮件保护)). 有关概述,请参见 ACC的克莱利法案网站.